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The oceans are home to some of the most dangerous workplaces on Earth. US maritime industries can be found in nearly every state, employing more than 400 thousand workers across America.

Maritime employees work at shipyards and marine terminals amongst other things- but they all have something in common: a higher risk for fatality, injury, or illness when compared with average American citizens.

An offshore injury lawyer in New Orleans can help you if you’ve been hurt while working offshore. Big Easy Injury Attorney has a team of maritime lawyers who can assist you with your offshore injury claim.

Types of Offshore Injuries We Handle

When an offshore worker takes on an offshore job, they are doing so with the knowledge that there are certain risks involved. offshore injuries can range from cuts and bruises to more serious injuries, such as:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can have a profound and lasting effect on offshore workers. This is especially true for offshore workers who perform their duties in difficult or dangerous conditions.

Spinal and Back Injuries

These injuries can be caused by poor lifting form, repetitive motions, awkward positions, and heavy lifting. Offshore workers who suffer from back and spinal injuries may require extensive medical treatment, including surgery, and may be unable to return to work for an extended period.

Slips and Falls

Offshore Injury Attorney in New Orleans - Big Easy Injury Attorney

Slips and falls can occur when there is oil or other slippery substance on the deck, when the ship is rolling in heavy seas, or when crew members are not careful.

Loss of Hearing

They can be caused by loud equipment or explosions. If not using the right type of ear protection, offshore workers are at a higher risk for hearing loss.

Loss of Limbs

When workers are crushed by equipment or become entangled in machinery. Amputation is often the only way to save their life. The loss of limb (s) due to an offshore accident is a life-changing event.


Drowning is also a cause of death for offshore workers. It is important to take every safety precaution when working offshore. A fall overboard can happen in an instant, and the results can be deadly.

Lung Damage

Offshore workers may be exposed to dangerous chemicals that can cause lung damage. When these chemicals spill, offshore workers may be at risk for chemical burns and lung damage if they inhale the fumes. Offshore workers may also be exposed to welding fumes, which can cause lung damage if inhaled.


Offshore injuries can be devastating, often leading to fatalities. Each year, offshore workers are killed in accidents, and many more are seriously injured. If you have lost a loved one in an offshore accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Claiming Compensation for Offshore Injuries in New Orleans

New-Orleans-Offshore-Injury-Attorney-Big-Easy-Injury-AttorneyIf you work offshore in Louisiana and you were injured in a workplace accident, you may be wondering if you can file a workers’ compensation claim. The answer is maybe. It depends on several factors, including whether your employer is required to have workers’ compensation insurance and whether you are considered a seaman under maritime law.

But regardless of the circumstances of your offshore injury, if you were injured while working offshore, you may be entitled to compensation.

  • Lost Earnings
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering

Choosing the Right Offshore Injury Attorney in New Orleans

An offshore injury lawyer in New Orleans can help you determine if you are eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim and can help you recover damages for your offshore injury.

When choosing an offshore injury lawyer, it is important to choose someone who has experience handling offshore injuries. The laws governing offshore accidents are different than the laws governing other workplace accidents.

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