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If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Insurance companies often have legal teams that are much better funded and prepared than the average person. They will do everything in their power to limit the amount of money you receive in compensation.

At Big Easy Injury Attorney, we are here to fight for you. Our law firm can provide professional guidance, assist in preparing a successful claim, negotiate a fairer settlement, and, if necessary, take your case to trial. Personal injury is stressful enough, you can count on us to relieve stress, make sense of the situation, and help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Don’t let these insurers take advantage of you. Contact us today to discuss your legal case and see how we can help.

Filing A Personal Injury Case In New Orleans

Personal Injury Attorney in New Orleans Big Easy Injury AttorneyHere’s how to file a personal injury case in New Orleans:

  • First, you need to collect all evidence of the injury.
  • Write a detailed account of what happened.
  • Take pictures of the injury as well as any possible property damage
  • Receive and then attach a medical report from a medical professional
  • If there was a personal injury due to a defective product include all details about this defect as well.
  • Lastly, include all of your expenses, this could include loss of work and medical costs.

Negotiating with insurance companies and filing personal injury cases can be burdensome and complex. Our attorneys at Big Easy Injury Attorney will take care of the complexity, from start to finish.

When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer For a Legal Advice?

Hiring a competent personal injury lawyer in New Orleans could make a significant difference when it comes to receiving a settlement. If you have been in an accident, speaking to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is the wisest decision you can make. Contact Big Easy Injury Attorney today and let us take care of everything. Our experienced lawyers will guide you through every step of the personal injury process.

Personal Injury Claims Process

  • Meet An Attorney: You need to speak to an attorney to understand what will likely happen in this personal injury case and how best to proceed.
  • Starting The Case: Here you start filing the initial court papers necessary for a personal injury case.
  • Fact-Finding and Discovery: This process entails both parties getting information from each other to establish the factual basis of the case.
  • Motions/Resolving Before Trial: More often than not, many cases get resolved before the trial via dismissal.
  • Settlement: Many injury lawsuits end via settlement, which could be the best resolution for all parties.
  • Trial: If no settlement is reached, the case goes to trial. This spans all the way from opening arguments to the jury’s verdict.
  • Judgment: After trial, there will be some judgment, but there are still many things to keep in mind when trying to collect.
  • Appealing: If either party feels that an unsatisfying conclusion was reached, the judge’s decision could be appealed.

What Does Personal Injury Compensation Cover?

Personal Injury compensation covers both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are things like medical expenses, lost wages, and legal fees. Non-economic damages are things like emotional distress, inconvenience, and suffering.

At Big Easy Injury Attorney we help victims receive the compensation that they could be entitled to by the law.

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Louisiana?

The statute of limitations is the time frame in which you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. In Louisiana, the statute of limitations is one year from the date of the injury.

This means that as the “plaintiff” or victim, you have exactly one year to take your case to court and seek justice. After this year has passed, the case can no longer be brought to court.

If you or a loved one has been injured, don’t wait to contact us or it could be too late!

What Kind of Cases Do Personal Injury Attorneys Handle?

Personal Injury Attorney in New OrleansOur attorneys handle a variety of personal injury cases, including:

When it comes to personal injury, Big Easy Injury Attorney has seen a wide range of cases spanning from workplace injuries to traumatic bodily injuries. Whether it be the extent of the injuries, the nature of the accident or the amount of injury sustained; we are happy to assist you in navigating the complexity of a personal injury claim.

We will guide you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation all the way to the courtroom.

How Will a New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer Prove My Claim?

At Big Easy Injury Attorney, we work tirelessly to prove our clients’ claims.

In order to do this, we may:

  • Conduct an investigation
  • Look into medical records and doctor’s visits
  • Conduct a medical assessment and consult with medical experts
  • Review case law
  • Work with accident reconstructionists
  • Take depositions

How we prove claims depends on the case because every case is different. Therefore the strategies we use to prove a claim will vary from case to case. Our track record speaks for itself, and our clients have always appreciated our tenacity in proving their cases.

No matter what, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve.

How a Personal Injury Attorney in NOLA Can Help Your Claim

When you’re injured, it can be hard to know where to turn. That’s where a personal injury attorney in NOLA can help.

An attorney can provide you with support and guidance during the legal process.

A personal injury attorney can also help you get the compensation you deserve, whether that’s through a settlement or a verdict at trial.

We help you file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations and help you to establish your claim so that you can get the justice you deserve.

We have decades of experience and we are proud to have helped thousands of people get the compensation they are entitled to.

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